Today I am in Portland. The journey is about to begin! I picked up my bike, which made it via FedEx without any issues. Tomorrow, I am riding to Vancouver, Washington for the ceremonial beginning of the ride. Washington is a state where the legislature passed, and the Governor signed into law, full marriage equality earlier this year. Petitioners have gathered signatures to try and repeal this measure in November. I am hoping that this will not happen.

Portland observations:
1. It’s an awesome biking city. With bike lanes and bike racks full of bikes.
2. Beer (and food) are cheap. Lots of local craft breweries. What’s not to like?
3. The “club” of middle aged woman with flowing gray locks and wearing Tevas is full.
4. People are sincere and very PC. Maybe too much so, but that could be my fault? Also lots of students and young people.
5. Architecture is old West “gold rush” town meets 1970s skyscrapers. Clean and pleasant, but is neither sleek and modern nor old and decrepit.
5. Not sure about the climate. Maybe a bit too chilly for someone who wants it hot and “beachy” in the summertime, but hard to complain about it.