Today was day 1. I went from Portland to Vancouver, WA to get interviewed by local press who are following marriage equality news in light of the pending referendum in WA this fall. I was supposed to arrive at 10am, having made a bridge crossing over the Columbia River on Interstate 5. As I rode about halfway across the bridge, I saw a gate close and wondered what that was all about. The bridge was being raised for an underlying barge and I had to wait. For over 20 minutes. I arrived 30 minutes late, but fortunately the reporter was still there.

The rest of the morning went great, however. I was interviewed by local news and filmed a short video for Freedom to Marry to post online. I got some very cool jerseys that Nike made for me to wear during the ride. It felt awesome to think that this ride was officially underway.

Here is the Freedom to Marry video:

Tomorrow off to the coast to meet up with other riders…