Today we are still in Astoria. The group met up formally for the first time. Bikes were inspected and we will had a 3+ hour orientation and safety lecture. Not boring–good stuff to think about. We will leave here tomorrow morning as a group to start biking east.

Today is fathers day. As some of you who were nice enough to come to my fundraising function(s) heard, the inspiration for this ride for me is my son, Teddy. I always knew that I wanted to be a father, but I couldn’t feel more blessed than to have Teddy in my life. There are times that raising children has its challenges, but I can truly say that there has never been a nanosecond where I regretted it. And while the joys and innocence of infants and toddlers sometimes makes you wish that your kids would never age, now that he is grown up it is awesome to relate to him as the adult that he has become. When they handed me the fathers day card he sent along to the hotel here, it kind of felt like the best fathers day present I have ever received.

So, it may sound obvious, but what I am fighting for on this ride is to allow any two loving people to come together, get married and have all the joy, rights, and responsibilities that marriage entails. Should they choose to have children, to be a family with all the connotations that implies in society. For them to hopefully be as happy and satisfied as a father and parent as I have been for nearly 21 years.

Ted, March 2012. Interning on Capital Hill