Today we rode 112 miles from Ludington to Mount Pleasant. This was our last century ride of the trip. After this the mileages are mostly in the 70-80 range. And although I have been pretty consistent in thinking that 80 miles or so is “just right” for a daily mileage, I feel kind of remorseful that no huge challenge days lie ahead…

The ride itself was not that difficult. What everybody shared in common was fatigue from the yesterday’s ferry ride. Almost universally, everybody was more tired and cranky this morning than if we had biked 100 miles yesterday. I was literally stumbling to breakfast (i.e. walking down hotel corridor in a non straight line) like I was hungover, and it was noticed by a couple of people coming up behind me. But once on the bike I was OK. And the heat broke overnight, so the temperature was mid 70s behind some clouds all day. Perfect.

In any event, one good thing came from waiting on the dock yesterday: there was a reporter there to do a story on us. The story and a video (which includes an interview with me) is attached: