Today we rode 74 miles from Brantford to Niagara Falls. Great day in so many respects: started out this morning in about 65 degree temps, riding through quiet fields covered with morning dew. Completely deserted roads since it was Sunday morning. I could go on a bike ride like this today or any day and feel great. But to actually feel that way after 40+ days of riding was awesome.

I have never been to Niagara Falls, and since tomorrow is a rest day I get to report more about it tomorrow. But first impressions are much like seeing Mount Rushmore. Having held lifetime views of “what’s the big deal?” about a tourist trap, I was completely blown away. The rush of so much water from both the US Falls and the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls. I love the ocean and the power of waves and a big storm, so this appeals to that sense in me. We arrived from the Canadian side, which is bustling with huge skyscraper hotels and casinos. Kind of like Las Vegas with a view. The US is a bit more run down, but arriving into NY state made me choke up a bit–I am in my home state (though admittedly far away from NYC). Only a week away from finishing this ride…

American Falls

I love NY!